Flea Market

An innovation at this year’s Shell Festival is the idea of a flea market.

Flea markets are popular all over the world, from London’s famous Petticoat Lane, to the Athens Flea Market, even to the market in Port Louis and the Rosebank Flea Market in Johannesburg.

The idea is that flea markets specialise in cheap, interesting goods, that the prices are negotiable, and the overheads are low. Shoppers CHOOSE to enter a flea market, and should not be surprised if they are crowded, or smelly, or noisy. For many, that is the whole attraction – the very essence of the shopping experience. The skill is in finding the gems amidst the flood of dross, like finding an original Renoir or Van Gogh  at a garage sale. Some people like haggling over the price, some hate it. Don’t go into a flea market if you aren’t prepared to argue over the price.


About shellfest

The Jeffreys Bay Shell Festival committee are responsible for running the 2010 Shell Festival, to be held from 24th to 26th September 2010 at the Dolphin Beachfront in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.
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One Response to Flea Market

  1. i would like to hav a stall at the festival 5/3mtrs if possible ..Im selling jerseys and socks all S.AFRICAN made.
    best regards
    ms.D .Abdol

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